Saturday, September 12, 2009

There's Just No Way to Explain this to my Dad

Me: Hey dad, yea, spending some time in Second Life.

Dad: What's wrong with the life you have?

Me: What? No, it's just an online virtual reality. My life is fine, it's just my avatar is . . .

Dad: Avawho? And what the hell is he wearing? What is that?!

Me: I'm having a little trouble with the gender . . .

Dad: Why is that guy wearing a skirt? Is that supposed to be you? What the?!

Me: In Second Life, my avatar is a male, or at least that's what I had intended.

Dad: So you want to be a guy? What's wrong with kids these days?

Me: I'm still me, a girl. My avatar is male ... so it (she/I) don't get hit on. I'm just having trouble with wardrobe, hair. It must know I'm a girl.

Dad: You don't need a stupid computer. Unplug that thing.

Me: Let me just spend a little time with it. Got to lose that beard.

Dad: Whatever you want. Internet crap. Just stay out of my closet.

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Rose said...

This is a very cute post :)