Thursday, July 30, 2009

If You Saw Me in Police Car

A friend emailed this question to me suggesting I email it to see how people would respond. Here are the answers from some of my friends. Now you know.

If you saw ME in a police car what would you think I got arrested for?

  • Stealing flowers from some nursery to put into your own yard. Thief!

  • If I saw you, I’d think you were doing observations for a project. You know. A ride along.

  • Disturbing the peace with your crazy “end of the road” neighbor. Quit driving on “his” road!

  • For streaking down Dodge street

  • There would have probably been some sort of "incident" during a presentation at work, something that escalated to a level requiring the intervention of professionals from various enforcement, the psychiatric community......

  • This is funny – I cant even fathom, hopefully not for trying to strangle your youngest daughter after spending a week with her and a housefull of kids :P

  • If I saw Laura Handrick in a police car, I would think 3 possible scenarios: 1. She went berserk because thought she heard bees coming through her phone 2. She was actually making a training video, and got stopped for speeding on her way into a small Nebraska town 3. She was accused of abusing her company's email and internet usage policies

But the best was from a friend who said she could just not imagine that I could do anything wrong. Oh bless you! (And for the record, "Streaking Down Dodge Street" made me giggle, but I would never do it because Plattsmouth is just too far away to run wearing only a birthday suit.)

Next Year Let's Not Camp

A week to set up. Two days to tear down. Wet towels and mattresses, sandy floors and sticky cabinets. It was great to have the kids here for a week of Oma Camp Omaha. And now that we've done that, let's consider a cruise next year. I can hear it now, quiet ocean, kids arguing, door 'click'ed and locked. Peace at last.

Here's what we did and didn't do. We went to the Zoo, we went to FunPlex, we shopped at Pamida and Target for school supplies, we played Wii, we played in the boat, we ate at Vidlaks for breakfast, and attended mass at St. Peters, we had BBQ chicken, and bought corn at a country farm, we colored with sidewalk chalk, told ghost stories in the tent and watched "Hotel for Dogs" and "Horton Hears a Who" both several times.

We didn't make it to a hydrant party, a drive in movie or a corn maze (they don't open till fall) and we never made it out to a bonfire, a picnic at Mahoney, or the WildLife Safari. Although Kaelynn helped make garlic bread, Nathan helped make Blueberry Muffins and Kristen made brownies, we never did make it to a soup kitchen. We didn't go horse-back riding, or hike the Platte river, or go the Plattsmouth pool, but I think the kids had a great time while they were here.

The best part? 70 degree weather most of the week. Nice.