Thursday, July 30, 2009

If You Saw Me in Police Car

A friend emailed this question to me suggesting I email it to see how people would respond. Here are the answers from some of my friends. Now you know.

If you saw ME in a police car what would you think I got arrested for?

  • Stealing flowers from some nursery to put into your own yard. Thief!

  • If I saw you, I’d think you were doing observations for a project. You know. A ride along.

  • Disturbing the peace with your crazy “end of the road” neighbor. Quit driving on “his” road!

  • For streaking down Dodge street

  • There would have probably been some sort of "incident" during a presentation at work, something that escalated to a level requiring the intervention of professionals from various enforcement, the psychiatric community......

  • This is funny – I cant even fathom, hopefully not for trying to strangle your youngest daughter after spending a week with her and a housefull of kids :P

  • If I saw Laura Handrick in a police car, I would think 3 possible scenarios: 1. She went berserk because thought she heard bees coming through her phone 2. She was actually making a training video, and got stopped for speeding on her way into a small Nebraska town 3. She was accused of abusing her company's email and internet usage policies

But the best was from a friend who said she could just not imagine that I could do anything wrong. Oh bless you! (And for the record, "Streaking Down Dodge Street" made me giggle, but I would never do it because Plattsmouth is just too far away to run wearing only a birthday suit.)

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Anonymous said...

I really liked reading everyone's posts! You have really funny friends. :-)