Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 51 With the Meanest Man

I was enjoying a casual lunch at Mark's in Dundee with our newly hired administrative assistant when I shared my desire to lose a little weight. As fate would have it, she herself had just gone from a size 12 to a size 4 a few months prior, and eagerly told me of her success with The Meanest Man in Dieting. I was intrigued, and for only $26/month, I signed up. Here's how it's going.

Day 1: Attended 90 minute meeting to learn the RULES. Weight 166.8 lbs. Embarrasment level = high. (I am a fat person.)
Day 2: Recorded calories in personal fitness journal. 2259. Dinner with marketing agency. Did you know wine is 25 calories per oz.?
Day 3: Calorie range begins. 1000-1225. I recorded 1209 by 3pm. Skipped dinner.
Day 4: 30 minute of exercise per RULES.
Day 5: How can anyone drink 8, 8oz glasses of water a day when coffee, tea and soda don't count toward the total? RULES.
Day 6: Went 300 calories over my limit. Must stay away from buffet. Didn't call and ask for help. RULES.
Day 7: Only ate 825 calories. Flan. Sick. Early to bed. Broke RULES by  not eating enough.
Day 8: Made up for day 7. My packed jeans now feel loose.
Days 9-11: Offsite at a conference. Chose healthy options and counted every bite.
Day 12: Went over calorie count. This time, guacamole was to blame. Drank enough water. Bought exercise shoes. Good intentions, right?
Days 13-19: Drank water, exercised 30 min. daily. Stayed under calorie count.
Day 20-21: Hospital food. Let's don't talk about it.
Day 22: 1506 Calories. Aren't chili and baked potatoes low calorie? I should have looked that up beforehand. RULES. 
Day 23: Restaurant in Boston. I didn't eat the frosting on the chocolate cake and still went over by 75 calories.
Days 24-25: In Boston. Worked out. Stuck to the counts. Drank the water.
Day 26: Weight 155.6 lbs. Have I really lost 10? Got a blue wrist band. Whoop.
Day 27-31: Finally figured out how to space out my calories so not to go to bed hungry.
Day 32: Dinner at Mexican restaurant with daughter. Over by 125 calories. The beer bottle said 55. It must've been the salsa, or chips.
Day 33: Weight 153.5 lbs., down another 2 lbs.
Day 34-39: On track.
Day 40: Mango slices for dinner.
Day 41-44: Almost perfect balance of fiber, dairy, protein, carbs and fat. I am amazing.
Day 45: Gave notice at work. Didn't eat enough calories. So what. RULES.
Day 46: Back on track.
Day 47: Weight 150.7 lbs. 16 lbs. since the start.
Day 48: Breakfast out. Veggie Egg White Omelette, Coffee no sugar, Dry Rye toast with jelly. Making better choices.
Day 49-50: Bumped workouts to 45-60 minutes. Walk, jog, run (slowly) and eliptical machine. Exercise shoes help.
Day 51: Back into single-digit jeans/slacks. Exercise becoming a 'habit'. Looking forward to Saturday's weigh in. Forty more days to go (hey, like Lent).

On day 51, I have 40 pages left in my fitness journal. With 12 lbs to go, that's a pound every 3+ days. What amazes me is the lack of tiredness I feel, the clarity of spirit, and if you didn't catch what happened on day 45, I started taking better care of myself in all aspects of life, including work. So check back on day 90. I'll post before and after photos and have a pretty good deal on some size 10/12 clothes. (Just cover shipping.)