Monday, December 15, 2008

Why Does Ebay Cost Me Time and Money?

Money is tight, time is short and there is stuff all over my house. I know the solution - Ebay! So on a Sunday, while hubby is golfing in 40 degree weather, I take inventory. No longer use that sofa, check, found those dolls at a garage sale, yep, don't use that comforter any more, sure, put it on the list. 10 Days later I find myself swamped with packaging, satisfied that people from Ohio to New York have gotten great deals, and I've barely made enough money to pay for the shipping. $5 or 10% whichever is greater was donated to Habitat for Humanity. And can you believe nobody even wanted vintage Effanbee dolls for $5.99 NIB NR?!

Undercalculating the shipping cost to send some blankets and pillows turned into a $30 loss, and the rest of my profit was spent to maintain my 100% positive feedback rating? "What, you didn't realize it was a pickup only item? No problem, I'll find a way to get it to you!" I'm awaiting a phone call from a North Dakota trucker (she bought the TV/VCR/DVD combo for $161 for her mom and will pick it up on her next route through Omaha.)

And I'm still trying to find a box for that cute table and chairs that I sold for $49 (it will cost more than that to ship). Let this be a lesson to you. Don't buy the stuff in the first place, or if you must sell, consider your local Craigslist. At least those people are in the neighborhood.

Would You Love it if your Grandma Made you a TeddyBear?

Budgets are tight this holiday season so I was only half joking when I told mom she's likely to get a sock monkey for Christmas. It was Sparky's idea anyhow.
Sparticus, our 1-year old boxer-doodle loves the soft fleece blanket so much that he's chewed both the ivory and the chocolate brown throws clean thru with holes. I think he enjoys the pop-feeling as his teeth break thru the squeeky fabric. With all that soft hole-y fabric, little cash, and dark cold midwest nights, I thought - that's it. . . I'll make Teddy-Bears for grandkids, Billy (11), Kaelynn (9) and Nathan (5). Never mind it's been 20 years since I've sewed anything more than a window curtain. Heck the machine is as old as my just-turned-30 daughter.

If the kids' bears turn out okay, I might just make Sparky one too, stuffed with something squeeky, to keep him busy on Christmas day.

So what do you think? Will the kids think it's dumb to get a toy, stitched from one of grandma's favorite blankets with crooked hand-sewn button noses and felt cut-out eyes? Without any electronics, screens or beeps? Would you?