Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Eyebrow Will Grow Back

Sparticus had been so good all day at the flip house, right until after Brian headed home, and then two squirrels ran down the tree and he bolted to the side yard and ran into the field below the house. I was finishing up watering the plants recently harvested from the forest when he meandered back up the hill, rubbing his face in the dirt. Did he get stuck by a bee? No. Minute little green burr-like stickers covered his face, burrowing into his fur- thousands of them. It took 45-minutes on the front porch with a comb, lots of occasional squeels and his utter resignment to having stickers removed from his beard, legs, and even between his toes. (I didn't even realize until then that a dog's toes are webbed. Are they all that way?) The stickers are gone now, he's had a bath, and in about 45 days his eyebrows and half his beard will grow back.

p.s. This is a before photo.

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