Friday, May 1, 2009

Nathan Friends and S'mores

For a sunny introvert like me, the chance to socialize vicariously is nearly just as nice as hanging out in person. Here's a photo of Nathan, for instance, taken in San Diego around the fire ring in Mission Bay. I was not there, but my daughter was and two direct reports who were in town for a Lectora conference.

So even though I wasn't able to travel in April, learn Lectora or participate in the bon fire, Heidi and Lindsey contacted my daughter Kristen, who helped coordinate pallets and marshmallows (because what's a visit to San Diego without a bonfire at the beach?). What did I get out of it? This cute picture of Nathan eating S'mores and wearing a hat.

The first time he'd had S'mores was in February when Brian and I joined Steven and family at the Santee campground. A lot of memories remain from that weekend. The grandkids recall that I wiped out attempting a 360 on a skateboard. (They said I'm too old to skateboard. ) But the thing I remember most was how delighted Nathan was upon experiencing his first S'more.

So Thank You Hieid for the photo. Thank you Kristen for hosting visitors from Omaha. And Thank You God for the little things, like a photo of my darling Nathan (5) eating a S'more.

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