Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm Everywhere

Nobody wants to think of themselves as invisible, but I've gone to the wild side exposing myself on Twitter, FaceBook, this blog and now even as an expert in Women's Day magazine. Mind you, my expertise is dust, apparently, and my mom would probably agree. Getting a call from my husband's cousin, from Texas, saying "hey, I saw you quoted in the April edition of Women's Day," was a bit of a trip.

Decades ago I had dreamed of being a mom, an economist, a teacher, even a botanist, but never ever did I imagine I'd be sought out as an expert on dust. Maybe I've just lived so long with it, that the dust got into my DNA, kind of like how I learned Spanish: "Dos Tacos, por favor, sin chile!" Or maybe nobody as naive was willing to answer the interviewer's request that day.

Anyhow, I have learned some things working with The Maids Home Services. I could never, ever, have the patience or discipline to do the detailed work they do, although I can write about it. So if that makes me an expert on dust, let's leave it at that, and please don't look too close next time you visit my house, because The Maids don't service my area!

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