Monday, January 26, 2009

Flat Cat

There's this bird, see, that keeps pecking at the front window. It's a female cardinal in her dull reddish brown winter plumage and she pecks away, all day while her brighly colored red-feathered spouse watches nonplussed from the leafless lilac shrub. We don't want her to break her beak. He's watching with the passion of male spouse outside the dressing room while his wife is trying on the 10th outfit in a department store. He doesn't even try to stop her. So finally, we're thinking that we've got to discourage her self-destructive behavior, and decide perhaps we need a cat. Not a real cat, mind you, but a cardboard siloette of a cat, covered in left-over teddy-bear fur. A few sketches, scizzors and glue later and voila! Flat Cat has been created. Does Flat Cat work? Why, yes actually. And the funny thing is that the bird now stays away from the window entirely. So, do you think there is a market for Flat Cat?

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