Saturday, March 6, 2010

On a Rainy Day I Pondered

We've been buried in a snow bank for months, and just this week my carpool buddy mentioned she'd found a newspaper, wrapped in plastic packaging, on her driveway when the snow melted this weekend.

It was dated, December 8.

The dogs don't seem to mind the cold as much as I do, and therefore today's rain doesn't seem to lift their spirits much either. They're always happy - as long as they get to eat, drink, sniff, chew and do their business.

Oh, to live in the moment!

I never do that. My mind is pre-occupied with thoughts of the flip house. Is the snow melting? Water in the basement? Driveway accessible? I added fire insurance last month just to be on the safe side and am so eager to get back to work. Last fall we completed the hardi-board siding, stained the cedar shingles, mulched the landscaping and shuttered it up until Spring. It's not yet Spring.

And hard to believe my own stupidity in thinking it possible to complete a project of this magnitude with my bare hands, little cash in spite of my husband's tremendous patience. The stainless steel refrigerator, stove and microwave hood, along with the washer, dryer and bathroom fixtures, have been parked in our garage nearly that long reminding me that a good deal isn't a deal if you have to store the items over 30 days. Try two years.

Oh how this rainy day has given me hope! Hope that the snow will melt, the soil will thaw, the plants will re-spout leaves and that soon, really soon, we'll be able to again spend our saturdays hammering, digging, reveling in the creation of a new space out of an old block house.

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