Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Camera and Pretty Photos Found!

Imagine my surprise when I had all but given up searching for my old Nikon camera, and then by chance found it. I had looked in every basket, toy bin and bucket in the kids loft.
I had looked in every tool box, under car seats and in every drawer in the house. And then, while looking for something else in the laundry room, there was my camera!
I had shoved everything into a small basket in the cupboard months ago right before our open house.
And better than the found camera, was the found photos. These two were taken on differnt days, the first was during extreme weather showing the view from behind our house, over the lake.
The second is looking east, sometime in the morning.
After the house is sold, I'll be glad to have these photos to remember these lovely scenes. Enjoy!

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