Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mud Run, the Yearbook and Horseback Riding

Beth is such a better mom than I was. At 29 she's keeping fit, running triathalons and volunteering in her spare time to manage the yearbook for her Jerebek in Scripps Ranch. Kristen manages to get Nathan in Swim and Karate classes, even though she lives on spare change. She takes Nathan to the beach or the park each day.

Did I mention with pride that Beths'an Engineer and owns her own company?

Or that Kristen is an esthetician and a single mom, having received nearly straight A's in nursing and trade school? My favorite photos are below and include images showing teaching her kids how to trapeze, how fitness can be fun (San Diego Mud Run) and not to be afraid to ride horses on the beach in Mexico.

Kristen's photos of Nathan also reveal one happy kid. I was in grad school while my kids were young, so other than the occassional backpack trip to Europe (with Kristen ,then 6) one summer, I didn't expose my kids to nearly enough recreational activities.
In fact one year their birthday party (combined because I was too lazy to plan both) was celebrated in the garage because it rained and I wasn't prepared for 20 girls running around the house. I was too driven, too uptight and too focused on appearances.
Maybe that's why they're less concerned about a clean house and more concerned about spending quality time with their kids. I could learn a lot from these girls of mine.

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