Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Water Runs Downhill

We finally got our utility company Aquila to come out and bury the gas line after our grader hit it in the fall. Hey, we're all for calling Diggers hotline (we did that), but is it our fault the gas line was buried 6 inches below grade when it's supposed to be burried 3 feet deep? So the grader got a bill for over $500 and we'd fight except it's already been turned over to collections. This lesson is costly and we don't want to ruin anyone's credit.

The dented gas line did cause a few months delay (uh, we call it 'winter' here). All that time, water continued to run down the property and pour into the foundation. Thanks to our AirForce 'helper' the gutters were pulled off and the dirt pulled away from the house with an idea to put in a drain tile, but the water damage continued until thelot was graded. Somehow the drain tile and gutters never got put back up. (Something about Chad going drinking last weekend and having his keys taken away?) Anyhow, best not to drink and drive. The foundation will dry out, eventually.

Today I drove the lot across the graded driveway. I checked the block inside and it is dry so the grading worked. Hey, Jay Sorenson told me, "water runs downhill" - to him the solution was obvious. Grade the dirt so that it's higher at the foundation and then water will flow down away from the foundation. It didn't hurt that we used waterproof cement on Saturday to seal up any cracks inside after cleaning the wall with concrete cleaner. Our soil is clay so it will 'seal' outside.

One of our AirForce recruits is actually willing to read labels at the hardware store. This weekend we'll paint on the expansion waterseal and then he'll finally get to use the Remington gun to nail 2x2 stringers on the wall. Loud noises. We know what motivates!

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