Sunday, April 20, 2008

Grandpa Bernie hasn't yet seen the Flip House

Daughter Elisabeth calls it 'flip college' since we started the project a year ago, and haven't finished it yet. Grandpa Bernie was a general contractor in his day. He's 87 and visiting this month with mom so we'll want his advice on fixing up our investment.

Mom and I launched into renovating the house by securing a car loan to purchase the property outright (a loan on my daughter's car and yes, we asked her first).

We then re-graded the lot to eliminate the drainage problem. We stripped the damp carpet and moldy drywall, and jackhammered the floor to put in new plumbing and drain pipes. Our carpenter Juan pulled down the concrete patio addition and replaced it with a 19x12 room which we'll make into the new kitchen, turning the house from 2bd 1ba to 3bd 2ba.

With the window and door replacements, the back bedroom is now legal (legal window egress). Juan still thinks it's funny that mom and I run the project (not my plumber husband). Juan makes sure I don't talk too much to his wife Rosa or give her any ideas! Anyhow, with the rain and wind, Grandpa Bernie still hasn't seen the house. It's on a steep gravel road, From the top of the hill you can see across the river to the next state. We'll wait for the mud to dry.

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